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The concept of Cook-Chill, or advanced meal preparation, centers around the “cook and store” approach rather than that of “cook and serve.” The process allows large volume production of soups, stews, sauces, chili, fruit and vegetable fillings, custards and puddings, salad dressings...any pumpable food product.


  • Cooker-Cooler heats, holds, simmers, sautés, browns, braises, mixes, melts, cools and superblends pumpable food product.

  • Pump Fill Station transfers product into sanitized, sealed flexible pouches in metered quantities, ready to be chilled.

  • Tumbler-Chiller cools pouches to 36º-38ºF in less than one hour. Product is placed in cold storage for up to 45 days inventory cycle.

  • Cook tank affords the ability to mass-produce high quality meat, poultry, pasta, rice and other non-pumpable products.. Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger designed to sanitary standards of operation and maintains complete separation between the two cold water streams.

  • Ice Builder and Condensing Systems provide 33°F cold water for cooling requirements of Cooker-Cooler, Tumbler-Chiller and/or Cook Tank.


Whether used as a stand-alone system or integrated into a standard kitchen, the process affords the production of an inventory of superior quality, ready to serve foods highly consistent in texture, taste and color. The inherent benefits include reduced labor costs, more economically optimized purchasing of ingredients and less schedule interruption due to unexpected changes in menus.


Chester-Jensen’s unique brine deluge shower tunnel was designed specifically to provide a quick, safe and effective means of chilling hot dogs and other products, on sticks, as they pass from the smoke house to the packaging area. The perfect choice for small and medium smoke house operations.


  • “Walking beam” concept eliminates conveyor chain, sprockets, etc. and locates all drive components above the tunnel and away from the brine shower.

  • Design minimizes lubrication-requiring parts and assures virtually trouble-free service.

  • Variable speed drive allows operator to select optimum throughput capacity while extended beams at product inlet make pre-loading possible, freeing operator for other associated duties.

  • All systems include Chester-Jensen’s stainless steel “Short Gas Flow” brine chiller with companion refrigerant (ammonia or freon) controls. Chillers are either remote freestanding units or, when space saving possibility exists, mounted on top of the product tunnel.

  • Additional system components include sanitary, stainless steel brine circulating pump(s), pump suction piping, and stainless steel control panel with requisite motor starters, pilot lights and switches.

  • The system’s inherent brine recirculation capability also provides the means to effectively clean (in-place) all major components, minimizing costly hand cleaning.

  • Standard diameter hot dog capacities (cooling to 35°F in a single pass) available from 2000 to 6000 lbs. per hour.


The system incorporates a product tunnel, strainer/separating tank and “falling film” chiller to provide closed loop operation for rapid chilling of bacon, ham, poultry and large sausage products.


Product tunnel features include:


  • All stainless steel construction, hinged and latched stainless steel in-feed doors.

  • Cam operated outlet doors that open and close automatically.

  • Deluge shower with drop-down pans to facilitate cleaning.

  • Pneumatic “dog-bar” transporting system that automatically and smoothly loads and discharges product with flexibility to accommodate both cages and trees

  • Unique strainer/separating tank totally eliminates fat and other extraneous matter from the recirculating brine. Unit is designed to also serve as a solution reservoir during CIP (Clean-In-Place) operation

  • Stainless steel steam injector provided for maintenance of temperature during CIP operation.


The system has inherent cost saving advantages including elimination of cooler shrink, uniform chilling to insure improved product color and taste, improved shelf life, reduced product handling and lower maintenance and sanitation costs.



Most major national producers of ham products require very large volume of product throughput. Chester-Jensen’s ability to design and fabricate large stainless steel processing tanks has been a critical factor in the development of our integrated systems.


  • Coupled with our “falling film” chiller, ice builder and plate and frame heat exchanger, our processing systems are engineered to the specific requirements of our customers’ needs.

  • Systems have been designed to handle both stationary tower type multi-position processing as well as “auto advance” type processing.

  • A hot water generator and plate and frame heat exchanger are balanced to provide the necessary flow of precise temperatures for the cooking cycle. The Ice Builder and Chiller are integrated to provide a continuous flow of 32ºF cold water for the cooling cycle.


Design considerations include space constraints, method of product input and withdrawal, degree of automation required and accessibility of key components for cleaning and maintenance.

A system is not merely a grouping of components put together in the hopes that they will work in harmony. A system must be designed and engineered for a specific application with complete integration of not only the equipment involved but also the accompanying support services.


We have provided engineered systems to our customers for more than 85 years. With heat exchange being the core technology behind our products, our system designs are developed after evaluating the overall process parameters and load requirements. The success of our systems stems from the ability of our products to perform specific tasks on a continuous, reliable basis. Our ability to design and integrate complete systems is another example of our continued commitment to our customers to provide value-added solutions to changing industry needs. Our application engineers and Regional Managers are available to consult with you to analyze your specific product or system requirements.


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