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Chester-Jensen has been pioneering fluid heat exchange technology since its inception in 1914. The diversity of product applications, developed over the years, has enabled us to serve a wide variety of markets including dairy, meat and poultry, food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical and allied industries worldwide.


Our reputation has grown through the principle of providing both the highest quality products available and the personalized attention to our clients’ needs. Quality at Chester-Jensen has always meant durability, longevity of service and optimized performance.


The early days of service to the Dairy industry taught us how to respond rapidly to the changing requirements of a very diverse market by providing the necessary products and systems to meet the needs of increasingly stringent “sanitary” conditions. Since that time, we have continued to expand our applications for heating and cooling of products into the complete diversity of markets we now serve.


All our products are manufactured exclusively in the USA. To our customers, this means assured availability, quicker delivery and immediate response with answers to questions. Chester-Jensen’s manufacturing locations incorporate a unique combination of talent, experience, shop facilities and innovative spirit. We have maintained the philosophy of direct personal contact with our clients, thus providing an avenue by which we can better serve.

About Us

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